I am currently interning at S1 Artspace as an Audience Engagement & Production Assistant. Part of my responsibilities have been running the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We want S1 to be accessible, even through the tone of voice on our posts. The RESOLVE Collective residency is aimed at involving the local community and creating a ‘living archive’ through the series of events. As it is unusual for S1 to have this many events running within a short period, it has been critical to keep up with social media as we believe that we are actively widening our usual audience to those who have never visited S1 before, such as SADACCA. With the increase of new visitors from various background I was keen to update the paper feedback surveys to be more inclusive, so that we can better assess peoples opinions, what they would like to see, channels reached and background information. With these insights we can understand who we have reached and in what way, all helping to create a long term, inclusive audience engagement plan.
Other jobs include: liaising with artists. Running workshops (most recently the Mobility Justice). Keeping our social media updated. Chatting to our visitors and encouraging visitors surveys to be filled in. Contacting suppliers for exhibition equipment costings. Designing the hire brochure for S1. Contacting publishers for discounted books to support the RESOLVE exhibition. Contacting potential AV sponsorships. Organising and tidying spaces for our studio holders.
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