At Matter I worked as a Design Junior. I mainly worked within in front end research, strategy and consumer insights to provide clients with future innovation. I brought a new way of delivering this information through short videos rather than just the usual style in the form of presentations, this has worked really well and will be used in a client exhibition in the US. I also work through ideas with sketch ideation. This usually leads to physical model making, sketch renders or 3D CAD. 
I also won an internal competition to work my own brief I created which looks at female health and wellness in the femtech sector. This was to ‘Increase accessibility and awareness by modernising home kits for cervical screening and create an empowering whole-system wellness brand and design for women’. This was the chosen brief and over the 6 months that I worked the project the dynamic in the (male dominated) studio completely changed regarding the taboo subject of women's health and wellness.
This is now has its own instagram
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